Frequently Asked Questions

How much water does my lawn need?

Once you have an established lawn, which is usually after the 6th week of installation, you want to water as infrequently as possible. During the winter times water once or twice a week and during the summer times water 3 or more times. Also avoid watering between the hours of 4pm and 4am and water as early as possible.

How often should I water my cacti and succulents?

Cacti and succulents are not your usual plants, they need special care, soil, and fertilizer to help them thrive. A very general rule of thumb is that you don’t add water until there is about an inch of moisture before reaching the surface.

What is the best time to plant?

September and the following fall months are the best time to plant. This is so because of the warm soil, followed by the upcoming rainy season, helps establish root systems before the spring growing months. How often should I fertilize my plants?

When can I plant vegetables and Herbs?

Starting September you can plant cool-season vegetables, such as lettuce, broccoli, chard and cabbage. Also plant hardy herbs such oregano, parsley, rosemary and thyme. For the Warm season, after February, you can plant the rest of the things.

When should I feed my camellias?

First of all, it is important to know that camellias should not be fertilized during their dormant season which is usually from September 1st to the beginning of their blooming season. However, if you feel the need to fertilize during that time it is advisable that you use a low nitrogen fertilizer. The best time to feed the plants is during the growing season which is usually as soon as you see the first grow buds appear.